STSA participates in Consultative Committee of the Swiss Centre For Expertise in Human RIghts

  Apr 26, 2017   thomas

The Swiss Centre for Expertise in Human Rights to play central role as implementation of the Paris Principles gets underway

On Tuesday 25 April, STSA attended a meeting of the Consultative Committee of the Swiss Centre for Expertise in Human Rights (SCHR), alongside federal authorities, politicians, civil society organisations and business federations. At the centre of the discussions was the centre's future role as Switzerland's National Human Rights Institution. Switzerland is implementing the Paris Principles that were adopted by the UN's General Assembly in 1993 and that frame and guide the work of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs).
Federal authorities have until June 2017 to submit a project for consultation on the competence of the SCHR, given that as per the Paris Principles such institutions have to be granted such recognition by law or in the constitiution.

The Swiss Centre for Human Rights is led by Prof. Christine Kaufmann (who took part in this year's Trading Forum) and its work is organised around a 6 thematic clusters, including Human Rights and Business. Prof. Kaufmann is assisting Swiss banks to implement the Ruggie's principles in an initiative knowned as "Thun Group" in which participate Barclays, BBVA, Credit Suisse, ING Bank, RBS Group, UBS and UniCredit.