Policy & Regulation

Regulating activities, not companies


Commodity trading brings together different activities, each with its own set of regulations. The challenge for decision makers is to adopt new regulations suited to the specificities of activities rather than companies.

STSA actively monitors and advocates in favour of fit-for-purpose policies and regulations that create a level playing field for Swiss operators, both within Switzerland and on an international level.

In order to assist policymakers in their task, STSA coordinates a number of specialised committees, thematic working groups and task forces devoted to the key issues shaping the outlook for the activity.

STSA recognises the need for the right balance between soft and hard law.
As key stakeholders in the commodity value chain, traders have been actively developing, implementing and promoting industry-specific voluntary codes and best practices covering a range of different commodities.

These complement the existing laws and regulations adopted by governments and public authorities, as well as the international standards enforced at the global level.

STSA is the voice of the Swiss commodity trading industry in the public policy arena

STSA offers a unique expertise on regulatory and legislative issues and engages with all stakeholders (NGOs, academics, federal and cantonal authorities, media).

It works proactively to communicate its position on issues that might affect the commodity trading industry in Switzerland and provides information about the industry to policymakers.

STSA monitors issues that have the potential to impact the commodity trading industry.

There are 3 main areas of focus

Responsible Business Conduct

Leading the way in the promotion of Responsible Business Conduct

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Financial Regulation & Taxation

Working to ensure that regulation is adapted to the activity and fit-for-purpose

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Technology & Innovation

Staying at the cutting-edge in the evolution of the commodity trading activity

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Swiss federal policy on commodity trading

Swiss policy on commodities is set at the federal level and involves several federal departments such as the Foreign Affairs Department, the Department for the Economy and the Federal Department of Finance. In 2013, Swiss authorities published an in-depth background report on commodities, setting the roadmap for future regulation of the industry in Switzerland.

Download the 2013 Swiss federal report

STSA Factsheets

STSA regularly informs and provides its expertise to the Swiss authorities and the public at large on key topics of interest related to the commodity trading activity.

Factsheet on Payment Transparency

Factsheet on indirect counter-proposal to the Responsible Business Initiative