Services to Members


Multi-Bank Platform secured communication platform

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Alternative Dispute Resolution for commodity trading industry

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Simple and affordable solution for working hours registration from any device

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Salary Survey

Commodity Trading & Shipping compensation salary, tailored to the Swiss activity

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Smart Line

Insurances specially designed for the trading and shipping industry

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Member-oriented services

STSA ambitions to offer solutions to the needs of its members. The Association plays a key role in providing information through internal Committees, the STSA Highlights newsletter, industry publications as well as policy and networking events.

As a platform for the commodity trading sector, STSA helped set up ACT, a dispute resolution service and launched Trafec, a neutral banking platform for traders.

Innovative human resources and healthcare solutions for which costs are mutualised have also been developed taking into account the specific needs of the trading community.

STSA is working to offer members new tools to comply in a simple, cost-effective way with Swiss legislation.