Education & Training

Education and training are essential pillars in ensuring the continued competitiveness of commodity trading, shipping and trade finance companies. STSA offers a range of programmes to suit students from a variety of backgrounds, including professional training programmes, academic education in conjunction with the University of Geneva and academic research.

These programmes uniquely cover all commodities and activities along the commodity value chain, serving the evolving needs of STSA members and making Switzerland a leading training hub and talent pool in commodity trading and an industry talent pool.

Acquire expertise directly from the industry's specialists

Training has become a priority for anyone aspiring to work in the commodity trading industry. Not only does the sector involve a growing number of actors, but the activities along the commodity value chain increasingly require specialised knowledge.

Learning on the job as was commonly the case up to the early 2000s has become very difficult. With Switzerland's growing role as a global trading hub, STSA has worked together with its members to develop a complete training and education offering.

Whether you are still at University, already work in the industry or wish to acquire expertise in the fields of international trade, commodity finance or shipping, our programmes will help you develop professionally.

All of our programmes are taught in English by some of the industry's leading experts.

We take pride in bringing the very best to our students. STSA takes great care into selecting the well-known and respected specialists to deliver our courses.

Thanks to their direct involvement with some of the leading commodity trading, shipping and trade finance companies, our speakers and teachers prepare our students for real life situations and help them acquire the skill set to succeed in this fast-paced environment.

Professional training & education

STSA Operator's Certificate

For junior or aspiring Operators or Charterers


Documentary Credit Specialist

For junior or aspiring Documentary Credit Specialists


STSA Middle Officer's Certificate

For junior or aspiring Middle Officers


Commodity Trading Fundamentals

For employees new to the industry


STSA – your gateway to a new exciting career

Finding new talents is one of the biggest challenges to keeping commodity trading companies and related services in Switzerland. Over the past 20 years on-the-job training was sufficient to fill the needs. But today, an increasing number of companies are competing for the same profiles, making it difficult to grow the business.

STSA has developed its suite of education and training programmes as a solution to these problems. At the same time, it creates an opportunity to generate many new high-level jobs and ensures that the local workforce keeps pace with the latest industry best practices, thereby maintaining Switzerland as a center of excellence.

In 2008 STSA (formerly GTSA) set up two academic programmes in partnership with the University of Geneva. The Master in international trading was created for Bachelor students, while professionals with a minimum of three years of experience could join an executive Diploma programme.

Besides an academic offering, STSA has developed professional training programmes specifically designed for young people looking to acquire practical skills. In particular, our STSA Operator's Certificate has attracted over 100 students since its creation, many of whom have gone on to establish successfully careers.

Academic programmes

Master in Commodity Trading

For young graduates having a Bachelor degree


Diploma of Advanced Studies in Commodity Trading

Executive programme for young professionals


Certificate of Advanced Studies - CAS

Earn a qualification in commodity trading in Zoug and Lugano


Bachelor in International Trading

The academic programme to get you started