STSA Operator's Certificate




The STSA Operator's Certificate is a very practical training that has been organised by a working group composed of experts in Operations, Finance and HR managers under the supervision of STSA.

The programme has been thought with a hands-on approach in order to give participants the best and quickest possible grip of the diverse procedures needed to operate commodities.

  • Intro into Commodity Trading, documents and INCOTERMS
  • Commodities (Energy, Metals and Agri)
  • Trading Contracts
  • Trading Operations
  • Shipping, Chartering and Operations
  • Laytime & Demurrage Handling
  • Financial Instruments and Payments Terms
  • Physical Risks and Insurance
  • Law & Dispute Resolution Schemes
  • Course Review and Practical case study

The modules will take place Friday evenings and Saturday mornings not to interfere with a professional activity and to give enough time to absorb and eventually practice what has been learnt in the programme.

The programme allows participants to understand the life cycle of a trade from the operational side on a 4 months period.

This training is open to highly motivated candidates with an excellent level in English.


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Field Trip to the Port of Antwerp


The 12th intake of the STSA Operator's Certificate were given the chance to visit port operations in Antwerp.

Thanks to the outstanding support of STSA members they were able to visit a gas terminal, a juice storage facility, and get a better understanding of port logistics, as well as inspection activities. Undoubtedly the highlight of the trip was the possibility given to board the MSC Florentima. The MSC Team explained the work and life on a container ship, telling short stories on piracy but also the ecological improvement to safeguard the air, by privileging environmental impact over speed. With his personal commitment and openness to share his expertise with the students

We would like to thank for their support: Louis Dreyfus, Mercuria, MSC and SGS without whom this field trip would have certainly not been so inspiring.

Field Trip to the Port of Barcelona

APRIL 2018

Field Trip to the Port of Barcelona

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MARCH 2017

Field Trip to the Port of Barcelona


Study Trip to the Port of Antwerp


The speakers that make the success of the STSA Operator's Certificate