STSA Documentary Credit Specialist

In a daily basis, the Documentary Credit Officer is at the forefront of individual transaction financial executions. Whether working with a Bank or in Trade Finance, Import / Export, Procurement Department, a good technical understanding of Documentary Credit and other instruments will be a key success factor within the international trade workspace.

PART II - ADVANCED (30 hours)

Putting the documentary credit and other instruments in perspective from a bank and trader's respective point of view
- Contextualising the relationship between the Bank and the Trader
- Bank's and Trader's respective expectations and constraints
- The Trade Finance Facility
- Looking at transaction: stakeholders, moving parts, sequencing, risks, financing requirements and implications

- Settlement methods based on degree of security
- Focusing on major threes, i.e. documentary credit - standby l/c - collection
- Roles and responsibilities of involved parties
- Workshop in mini-groups on different practical cases

- Mechanism of the transaction on the basis of the commercial contract
- Identification of key points to establish and application for a documentary credit
- Risks
- Collateral
- Workshop in mini-groups on different practical cases

Application form


- Key articles UCP600 & ISBP
- Presentation and checking of documents - handling of discrepant documents, internal reserves
- Confirmation, commitment, discount & assignment of proceeds
- Workshop in mini-groups on different practical cases

- This last module aims to provide the full proceeding of a Soft transaction, from bidding to the performance
- Sale and purchase side are foreseen giving an overview of a whole deal
- Workshop in mini-groups on the full transaction progression


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Teaching Format

The Certificate consists of 5 modules of 6 hours each, divided into two evenings per week (3 hours/day). All modules are normally taught in English. Depending on the participants’ some modules may be given in French.

Classes will take place outside of working hours on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Some pre-reading, preparation, case studies or homework may be required, depending on the teachers’ recommendations and will be communicated upon admission to the course.

The lectures are given by industry experts from the commodity trading and banking sectors, with inputs from guest speakers to give further depth and various perspectives.

Objectives of this programme are:

Our main goals include meeting the requirements of commodity trading companies and banks active in Trade Finance by offering them a specific training programme to accelerate the training process for their junior Documentary Credit Officers.

This practice-oriented Certificate aims at enabling the participants to:

  • Acquire a good understanding of the techniques and their implementation.
  • Develop a mindset and practical toolbox which should contribute to add value to their intervention beyond the execution level.
  • to assess and advise which will be the most relevant instrument to meet the objectives assigned (amongst other with respect to security, flexibility, … sought)
  • to handle and process the instruments (wrt issuance / amendment / check documents compliance and honoring…)

At the end of the course, the candidates as junior Documentary Credit Officer contextualising the transaction, will know how:

We expect that, through this training, participants will ultimately be best placed to rapidly gain in experience, making the most out of the various real-life cases that they will be confronted with.


  • Juniors working in a Documentary Credit Department having a minimum of 6 months to one year of professional experience in a commodity trading company or in a bank who want to accelerate their training process and fully grasp all angles of this complex profession which is in constant evolution.
  • Former participants of the “Documentary Credit Specialist” course who want to pursue their education in that field.
  • Graduated participants of the STSA Operator’s Certificate who want to strengthen their knowledge in documentary credits.

To participate to the Advanced level you still have the possibility to follow the below modules of the STSA Operator's Certificate:

- Introduction to Trade Finance - Financial Instruments Introduction (19 and 20 October 2018)

- LC and other Payment Terms (26 and 27 October 2018)