Social Projects

STSA is firmly committed to contributing to the wider goal of sustainable development. Each year, the Association supports one or several social projects that meet this criteria.

2009: Bateau Genève (Geneva)

A local organisation supporting people in need on board their Lake Geneva steamboat.

2012: Terre & Faune (The Comoros Islands)

A project encouraging new economic activity by promoting recycling.

2014: Fondation BK Lubamba (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

A sustainable agriculture project in Nsele in the eastern suburb of Kinshasa.

2016: Mercy Ships (worldwide)

Supporting the construction of a second ship to expand the abiolity of Mercy Ships, an NGO operating the world's largest hospital ship to serve the poorest countries in the world.

2017: Kalaamugosi Women's Co-operative Society (Uganda)

Aims to develop a sense of dignity and empowerment for women active in coffee production in order to drive development through training in good agricultural practices.

2010: Bateau Lavoir (Geneva)

A local organisation providing hospitality training to disadvantaged youth on their boat on the Rhône.

2013: Nouvelle Planète (Peru)

A project by a Swiss-based NGO to empower villagers in the Peruvian Amazon forest through property rights and protection of rural areas.

2015: Paysans Solidaires (Burkina Faso)

A project by a Swiss-based association to support rural development and sustainable production in Burkina Faso.

2017: Fondation Cap Loisirs (Geneva)

Improves the lives of children, adolescents and adults with mental disabilities and of their families by providing leisure activities to complement their educational development.

2017: Nouvelle Planète (Burkina Faso)

Supports the development of professional training in the commodities transformation sector for bakery and chocolate industry professionals.