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Welcome Message from the President

Dear STSA Members and Visitors,

On behalf of the Swiss Trading and Shipping Association, it is my pleasure to welcome you to STSA’s new website.

If you are already a member then we hope you like our new format, please give us your feedback.

If you have found your way to our website then no doubt it is because you are curious about what we do, who we are and what we represent. Our hope is that you come away informed and with a desire to join us and take even more interest in our business which is fascinating and never sleeps! We are always evolving, striving to do better, learning and innovating: whether this is finding more efficient ways of working, following and nurturing new industry developments, responding to major shifts in trade patterns and what is happening in the world around us, listening to our members and the public at large. Commodities and the movement of commodities play a vital role in all of our lives, we bridge geographical distances and time zones to ensure that our customers, ultimately all of us, receive the products we need when we need them.

Switzerland and the Swiss authorities have been very supportive and we are grateful that we have been able to nurture strong ties within the Swiss business community, with policy makers and the general public alike. We are lucky that we live in such a diverse multi-cultural environment where business is able to thrive, all companies irrespective of size and types of business play an equally important role in developing how we work and all of the supply chain is right here on our doorstep. This has enabled us to build strong ties both inside and outside Switzerland and as a consequence our Association has a very informed network of members.

We will continue to respond to the needs of our business, the demands of the world economy and the environment with integrity and vision. By working together we ensure that our goals are attainable. Commodity trading brings the world together and it is my hope that this website will shed greater clarity on the essential world of commodity trading and shipping. Please support us, learn with us and add your voice – you will be most welcome.

STSA President

David Fransen STSA President

An Association by and for its members

STSA prides itself of bringing together companies from across the commodity trading value chain and of ensuring the representativeness of its internal bodies.

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STSA prides itself in representing the Swiss commodity and shipping hub in all its diversity. Our strong and active membership base is the association's main asset.

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Swiss Strengths

Switzerland is at the centre of Europe, it is a perfect location to communicate with the rest of the world: China in the morning and the USA in the afternoon.

Geneva, located at the Western end of the country, is a global city and a worldwide centre for diplomacy and international co-operation. Geneva is also described as the third European financial centre after London and Zurich.

The region offers a favourable environment for business with an excellent infrastructure and where English is commonly spoken.

There is here a highly qualified workforce as well as banks with expertise meeting the needs of commodity traders.

The commodity trading companies have also stimulated the development of a large network of services : banks, insurances, law firms, fiduciaries, forwarding agents, inspection and verification companies, ship-brokers, consultants.

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Switzerland, the global commodity trading hub

Share of global trade handled by Swiss-based commodity trading companies

Cocoa 35%
Metals 60%
Oil 35%
Grains 60%
Sugar 50%
Coffee 50%

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