2017-08-01 07:52:36 +0000 WoTime Logo

Record the working hours easily!

STSA has set-up WoTime in partnership with SQRD to develop a simple and affordable solution for work hours registration.

WoTime offers STSA members employees to manage their working hours from the device of their choice (mobile phone or deskop computer)

STSA recommends its members to conform to Swiss Labor Law

Each employer is enabled, throught the software, to :

  • Have a real-time overview of the work time, sick leave, travel time, etc..
  • Analyse work time of one employe, a group or a department.
  • Provide the work time reports compliant for the SECO audits.

Each employe is enabled, throught the software to:

  • Have pre-filled work time report
  • Check and validate his reports

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