STSA History

STSA History

Founded in 2006, GTSA was the first commodity trading association in the region of Geneva. This non-profit making Association was built on a long tradition of commodity trading in the region. It is active in the area of raw material, the shipment of goods and commodity trade finance. With the increasing importance of commodity trading in Switzerland, the call for a common representation of the industry grew louder.

It merged with LCTA and ZCA in 2014 to found the Swiss Trading and Shipping Association (STSA)

GTSA Today?

The Geneva Trading & Shipping Association (GTSA) is the Western Switzerland chapter of STSA as original association. It aims to promote and defend the interests of the commodity trading, shipping and related services industry in the Lemanic region (cantons of Geneva and Vaud). It works under the supervision of STSA, the umbrella Association, with which it shares the Geneva Secretariat since 2014.

GTSA's Role

The Association works on building positive relationships with the authorities and related stakeholders, explains the economic and social relevance of the industry and promotes education and training by leveraging the rich expertise of the Swiss commodity hub. It focuses on the creation of a talent pool for the various demands of the commodity sector, raising awareness of the sector’s economic and social significance, and organising workshops that deal with industry and policy-related issues and are in contact with the authorities and society.

GTSA thus defends the interests of the industry and creates value-added, tailor-made services for its members. It also provides a neutral platform of exchange for professionals of the commodity trading industry and enhances the understanding of this industry in the general public.

Founding Members

  • BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA, represented by Mr Jacques-Olivier Thomann
  • Bunge SA, represented by Mr Jean-Louis Goubin
  • Cargill International SA, represented by Mr Norman Hay
  • Litasco SA, represented by Mr Gati Al-Jebouri
  • MSC - Mediterranean Shipping Company SA., represented by Mr Gianluigi Aponte
  • Vitol SA, represented by Mr David Fransen
  • SGS SA., represented by Mr Dan Kerpelman

Honorary Members

  • Geert Descheemaeker, Former Secretary General (2006-2012)
  • Jacques-Olivier Thomann, Former President (2006-2013)
  • Norman Hay, Former Vice-President (2006-2014)

GTSA Draws its Force From the Diversity of its Members

Among its members, GTSA promotes diversification and encourages companies of all sizes to participate. Diversification of the sector ensures healthy competition between the economic actors. The political authorities as well as the wider society are sensitive to a competitive market, which avoids oligopolistic positions. GTSA listens to its members to define work themes in order to promote a better understanding of the commodity trading industry and an innovative approach to business. The members have the opportunity to take part in the related working groups to address specific business matters.