STSA Middle Officer's Certificate

The main goals of this programme are:

- To offer commodity trading companies a specific training programme to meet their needs

- To accelerate the training process for junior Middle Officers

- To leverage skills of young professionals in their career in the commodity trading industry

Most types of commodities are covered to give participants a solid understanding of:

- The role and responsibilities of the Middle Officer

- The risks management technics (Market, Credit & Operational)

- The Pre-deal Management (Daily Princing, Credit limits & Exposure, etc.)

- The PnL reporting

- The deals entry & position reporting

- The deals entry & the position reporting

- The Post Settlement management from cost verification to translation
into accounting

- The analysis and statistics for internal and external use

- The coordination with the Risk Managers & Compliance officers for future implementation of risk Measurements

The programme has been created with a hands-on approach in order to give participants the best and quickest possible grip of the diverse procedures required in commodity trading operations. The modules take place on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings so as not to interfere with professional activities and to give participants enough time to absorb and eventually practise what has been learnt in the programme.

It has been designed for Junior Middle Officers in the early stages of their career in a commodity trading company or in a bank who want to accelerate their training process and fully grasp all angles of this complex profession which in constant evolution.

Young professionals considering a career change and interested in moving into the commodity field or fresh graduates seeking to acquire new skills to speed up their recruitment process.


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